How to make a Microsoft Account without a Phone Number?


Microsoft is a world-famous producer of programs and apps for work with documents, tables, as well as audio and video content. The company is engaged in the development of a wide range of software for business and leisure. The brand’s portfolio comprises the following products:

  • a pack of utilities for work with text documents;
  • online libraries and dictionaries;
  • API, SDK;
  • Anti-viruses;
  • programs for desktop and mobile hardware;
  • server applications;
  • entertainment and games;
  • business solutions, and many others.

The company offers the widest catalog of options for all spheres of life, starting from business up to leisure. To access this portfolio, clients should have accounts. Only registered users are accepted on the portal. Moreover, keep in mind that all profiles require Microsoft SMS verification. The brand automatically blocks profiles that do not specify phone numbers. Does it mean that it is impossible to create a Microsoft account without phone number? Let’s get to the core of the issue.

Possible Ways to Register a Microsoft Account

  1. Clear the browser history and change the IP

This case implies using a VPN connection. Visit the website as a citizen from another country.

2. Ask your friend or relative for a mobile number

Register a profile borrowing someone else’s phone. However, nowadays everyone uses one or another Microsoft utility. So, it is quite complicated to find a free mobile number.

3. Use your personal number several times

This method can’t work sometimes, or Microsoft will block an account after some time.

4. Use a fake number

Buy a temporary virtual phone number that will help you act legally while staying completely protected from hacker attacks. An online number allows receiving SMSs and confirmation calls instead of your real one.

Reasons to Use Microsoft Online Phones

  1. Get free access to many services

Some services may be free for citizens of particular regions, while for the residents of other states the same utilities are paid. Having a fake number of other states allows unlocking such limitations and enjoying boundless, free access to all resources.

2. Software for a month

Microsoft provides a trial month for most utilities. By registering a new account in a month, you can retry software saving money on the needed programs.

3. Create an additional profile

Some users need several profiles, while the Microsoft User Agreement does not allow creating multiple accounts. Having several numbers will help create as many accounts as you need.

4. Get access to the apps for particulate countries

This point is similar to the first one. Microsoft has a limited edition of software provided for residents of particular states. If you have a virtual fake phone number in such states, you can get access to such apps.

Why do People Bypass Account Verification?

Many Internet users see how frequently even the most protected and secure websites are hacked. Modern hackers develop new schemes and tools to get access to user’s personal data. Thus, being afraid of data safety and trying to improve privacy, users try to avoid entering real information and bypass verification via mobile phones.

Where to Buy an Online Number?

Now, we know how to make a Microsoft account without phone number. Let’s get down to the issue of where and how to get this solution.

  1. Primarily, you need to find a service that provides a fake phone number. Dozens of online platforms offer such services nowadays. Enter a corresponding search query, surf several websites, compare their policies and conditions, and pick the most appropriate one. Pay attention to their price lists, the coverage of regions and states, reputation, and other perks.
  2. Register an account. Here, you’ll be asked to specify your full name, email, real mobile number, and country of residence.
  3. Decide on how many numbers you need and from what countries. Also, think about the usage period.
  4. Study the price list and calculate the cost of the required service. Top up the balance.
  5. Fill out a purchase form and specify all the mentioned points.
  6. Make a purchase.

Benefits of Virtual Numbers

To draw the line, let’s briefly mention the key advantages of online fake numbers:

  1. 100% anonymity and the guarantee of privacy. No one will have access to real data. If fraudsters steal information, it will be fake, and scammers won’t be able to use it for blackmailing or other illegal activities.
  2. The opportunity to open several accounts and have both business and private profiles within one system.
  3. The number moves with users in the case of changing the place of living.
  4. It is possible to manage the number even if you do not have a smartphone. Virtual numbers can be controlled via PCs, laptops, and other voice hardware.

Microsoft is a leading developer of a wide range of solutions for PCs and other hardware. It sets high requirements for its products. All products are well-running, and compatible with modern gadgets. Thus, such utilities are costly. A fake number is an excellent solution for the activation of Microsoft services. It allows using paid apps for free and getting access to limited utilities. Moreover, the option helps verify profiles without any risk of private life infringement.