Features of eSports betting and betting instructions


Cybersport is a competition in computer games in Betwinner. And this is one of the most popular disciplines on the sites of modern online bookmakers. Gamers participating in competitions, just like ordinary athletes, upgrade their skills, compete, make mistakes and win. Therefore, betting on such events is very interesting.

Hundreds of millions of viewers follow eSports competitions. For example, in 2019, 100 million people watched the championship in the game League of Legends. If you are also interested – our article is especially for you.

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How does esports betting work?

Just like you can bet on the victory of a certain football team in the Champions League, there are bets on eSports tournaments. Some computer games are so popular that they host national and international competitions. Prize funds reach tens of millions of dollars.

Fans of games can watch the competitions online or right in the hall, where gamers are on a special stage. And bookmakers, of course, also join. On many sites you can watch online broadcasts and place bets before the start of the event or in live mode.

The most interesting thing about esports betting is the variety. Since each game has its own rules and features, you can make predictions for dozens of outcomes.

Types of eSports bets

In the bulk here you will find the same rates as in other sports:

  • to the main outcome;
  • on the total;
  • for a head start;
  • long-term and short-term;
  • prematch and live;
  • singles and expresses.

However, bookmakers also include bets on statistics in the line. And this is where all the most interesting lies, for which bettors love eSports.

Statistics relate to various in-game phenomena. For example, who will get the first kill (which team), who will destroy an important building, who will win on a specific map, etc.

To bet on statistics, you need to be well versed in the rules of the game. Otherwise, you will simply get confused in the variety of paintings.

Disciplines available for betting

Of course, bookmakers display on their sites only those games that host tournaments and that have a large fan base. These are the disciplines:

  • Dota 2;
  • CS:GO;
  • League of Legends;
  • World of Tanks;
  • FIFA;
  • Fortnite.

Each of them has its own characteristics and interesting moments, so that the rates are not the same for everyone.

As for the tournaments that are held in this area, the loudest is, of course, The International – a competition in Dota. But there are also others, for example, BLAST World Final for CS: GO.

Step-by-step instruction + 5 tips for beginners

Despite the fact that each bookmaker builds a site in its own way and chooses which eSports disciplines to add, you can place bets everywhere using the same algorithm. And it’s very simple:

  1. Find a bookmaker you can trust and open a personal account there.
  2. Deposit money by choosing a convenient method. This is required to access rates. Also, most companies give bonuses for this, which can then be used for betting.
  3. Go to the esports section and select the event that interests you.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the line and choose the outcome of which you are most confident.
  5. Enter your bet amount and wait for the match to start.
  6. To place bets in live mode, choose and pay for the outcomes after the competition has started.

That’s all! If your bet wins, then you will make a profit. To increase the chance of a successful forecast, you will need these tips:

  • it is better to bet in games like Dota or League of Legends after gamers have chosen characters;
  • take into account which map gamers will play on (sometimes teams show poor results on unloved maps);
  • do not bet on the highest odds, but at first play on medium ones (up to 2.1);
  • bet only on those teams and games with which you are familiar, and it is best to play it yourself;
  • do not forget about outsiders, for example, if a lagging team has chosen strong characters, their chances of winning increase, and the bookmaker will not have time to change the odds so quickly.

It will also be useful to regularly monitor the competitions. This will help to understand the picture more objectively and gain experience.


At what age is it allowed to bet on eSports?

The betting process is a game of chance. Bookmakers accept only adult clients for this.

What are the best tournaments to bet on?

It does not matter, the main thing is that you understand the discipline. Of course, if this is a major tournament with a large prize pool, then it will have a wide line and painting, so you should pay attention to them.

Is esports considered easy to bet on?

Not at all. This is one of the most confusing and specific sports where there is often nonsense, such as the victory of an obvious underdog.