Explore Smart Tips to Keep Your Hats Clean, Fresh & in Top Condition


Hats can be fashionable or practical, or both. However, all hats, without exception, promise to be great fun. It is a good idea to clean and maintain your favorite hats to ensure that they are in pristine condition for a long time. Your hats may be soft or structured, felt or leather, but all of them universally need some TLC to stay looking their best. 

As per experts at Forbes, hats are making an impressive comeback. Previously hats were flaunted on formal occasions, while today men wear hats in informal, as well as, formal environments. Men love to wear a hat with jeans and a t-shirt to create a casual look. They even love to team up a nice hat with their formal well-fitted suits. Hats are worn both at night and during the day.

Start the Cleaning Regimen

Start the routine cleaning with the sweatband. It seems to be the most stained and dirty part of your hat because of body soil, perspiration, hair, and makeup products. Fold your fabric sweatband down and thoroughly clean it with water and detergent mix. Do not forget to use a soft brush. Use this brush for scrubbing the soiled sweatband. You may then consider blotting with a clean cloth nicely dipped in water. It is best to keep the sweatband folded down while getting it air-dried. You may clean your leather sweatband using commercial leather cleaner to prevent undesirable odor or stains. Do not forget to follow all the package directions. Leather sweatbands should be naturally dried in the air. Once it is dry, you may consider using a lotion or conditioner to ensure suppleness. Buy a top-quality hat from the reputed American Hat Company for longevity and uniqueness.

Store in a Cool & Dry Place for Maximum Protection

The look and the quality of a hat can be damaged if it is not stored properly. It is your responsibility to make sure that your hats are stored well. If they are left in a place where there is excessive sunlight or dirt and dust, your hats are bound to look tired and worn out. If you store your favorite hat in a drawer, or a closet, or at least a box, that will go a long way in preserving the color of your hat. You can then safeguard your hat against dust and dirt.

Keep Your Hats Stacked Up

It is best to maintain your structured hats well to ensure that they do not lose their form. It is mandatory to store them like they are on display on store shelves with their backs pushed in and fitted nicely inside each other. If you keep them all stacked up, the form will stay well-maintained. It is best not to leave them open. It is best to store your hats inside each other to best preserve their integrity and form.

Spray It

Over a period of use, your hats will start fading or get sweat stains. You may invest in a rain-and-stain repellent. It is excellent stuff for cleaning your hats. The same sort of product is used for cleaning your shoes. This product is best for keeping sweat stains at bay and protecting your hat from UV rays fading. You may consider spraying your hat once every two months if you use them twice a week.

Cool Cleaning is the Way to Go

When washing or cleaning your hats, it is ideal to use a very mild soap and no bleach. Further, always use cold water. There’s a common misconception that hot water is good for the removal of dirt and sweat and must be the default no matter what item you are washing. For hats, however, this is a bad idea since heat opens up avenues for shrinkage. Washing in cold water is equally effective at cleaning and much more likely to maintain the structural integrity of the hat. Further, if you are using a washing machine or even a dishwasher, do not use the “dry” cycle that pumps hot air to dry clothes if you are drying your hat, as this too can affect its sizing. Air drying might take a bit longer, but it is the best way to keep your hat in great condition for the longest time.

Conclusion: Prevention is the Best Maintenance

Instead of taking extreme measures to clean your hat when it gets dirty, you can take better care of your hat when it is being stored as well as in use to ensure it remains in good shape. Good hats that fit well, suit your tastes, and make you feel good are hard to find. This is why you must care for them like they are your most precious items and ensure they are with you for years.