Who is Druski? | Druski Net Worth

Who is Druski?networth of Druski?
Who is Druski?networth of Druski?

Who is Druski? | Druski Net Worth Interested in finding out Druski’s net worth? Read on to discover this famous comedian’s estimated net worth, as well as how he achieved success with his unique style of comedy and social media skills. 

Discover how Druski became an inspiration to aspiring comedians and social media personalities alike through his early career beginnings, rise to fame, brand collaborations, and endorsements, culminating in a net worth of $600k.

Who is Druski?

The well-known American internet personality Druski, or Druski2funny, is the online name of Drew Dawit Desbordes. As a result of his collaborations with several rappers, including big names such as Jack Harlow and Drake, he has gained fame for adding some fun and humor to their music videos. Druski continues to be an important figure in the online world in 2022, entertaining his large and growing fan base with his humorous antics and collaborations.

Druski Net Worth:

It has been estimated that Druski has a net worth of $600k.

Early life and education of Druski

Cheryl and David McLain Desbordes were the parents of Desbordes, who were born on September 12, 1994, in Columbia, Maryland. His father was a commercial pilot who had previously served as a captain in the United States Air Force and as a major in the National Guard, while his mother worked for the state department. 

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Aside from his younger sister Nadia, who was born in 2006, Overflows grew up in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Desbordes attended South Gwinnett High School, where he played sports and avoided trouble. During his youth, he enjoyed playing sports and kept himself out of trouble.

High School:

It is with great gratitude that Desbordes can complete high school on time thanks to Nancy Gordeuk, his Spanish teacher, who gave him a simple paper to complete that earned him two years of Spanish instruction. In addition to attending Georgia Gwinnett College, he transferred to Georgia Southern University, where his mother assisted him with rent payments. 

When Desbordes became overwhelmed by depression, he eventually stopped attending classes entirely and instead turned to YouTube videos for distraction. His grandmother threatened to cut him off financially as a result of his dropping out after just two semesters, causing major disappointment to his mother. 

When Desbordes was in high school, he had originally intended to become a sportscaster, but his classmates encouraged him instead to become a comedian.

The Career of Druski:

Starting His Career 

His career began at the end of 2017 when Desbordes began posting funny skits and other comedic content to his Instagram account under the name “druski2funny”. His efforts soon gained a wide following, garnering the attention of fans as well as fellow comedians. 

Break through In His Career:

In March 2020, he achieved a breakthrough in his career by performing on Lil Yachty’s track “Oprah’s Bank Account,” gaining even more popularity and recognition for his accomplishments. 

Hat Songs of Druski:

The music video for Drake’s hit song “Laugh Now Cry Later” featuring Lil Durk later that year catapulted Desbordes into even greater popularity. In October 2020, he was featured on Jack Harlow’s “Tyler Herro” track, confirming his status as a rising star.

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Revolt and Adidas announced a new series:

Revolt and Adidas announced a new series called Sneakin’ In With Druski in 2021, featuring Desbordes as host. This show became an instant success, featuring high-profile guests such as Snoop Dogg, Teyana Taylor, and Yung Miami, among others. 

Druski Net Worth,how he makes money:

As part of this project, Desbordes created Coulda Been Records, a satirical label that allows artists to participate in his Instagram Lives, where he often teases them during their performances. 

Later that same year, Desbordes joined J. His reputation as an entertainer was further enhanced when he appeared as an opening act for Cole and 21 Savage’s Off-Season Tour. After Meek Mill publicly complained about not being paid for his music, Desbordes offered Meek Mill a spot on his record label, Coulda Been Records, in October.


1:Who is Druski? | Druski Net Worth

It is well known that he has collaborated with several rappers on their music videos, including Jack Harlow, Drake, and others through a variety of sketches.

2:Who is Druski’s manager?

Jonny Shipes, Druski’s manager, has also been a consistent resource for him. Shipes initially met Druski when he had between 10,000 and 20,000 followers on Instagram, but did not begin managing him until Druski reached a million followers.

3:What movie is Druski?

The filmography of Drew ‘Druski’ Desbordes includes Praise This, House Party (2023), and Jack Harlow Feat. Drake: Churchill Downs (2022).


Druski’s net worth is estimated at around $600K, but it is important to remember that he has worked hard to gain such a high level of success. In addition to his hard work and dedication, he has made savvy business decisions that have earned him a lucrative career that has earned him this impressive net worth.