Only in Liverpool for a Day?


So, you only have one day to get the most out of Liverpool. If you don’t have a plan, you may end up losing time. It’s important to make a plan or brief itinerary for what sights you want to see ahead of time. Here is the perfect one day itinerary for your trip to Liverpool.

Start Your Day at Royal Albert Dock

The Royal Albert dock is the perfect place to start your one day exploration of Liverpool. Grab coffee, pastries, and fuel to start your day, as well as waterfront views. 

The Royal Albert Dock has warehouses, buildings, desks, and plenty of places to eat and drink. While there isn’t much to entertain at this location, it’s worth it for the views and tasty treats. 

Explore a Museum

Next, consider exploring one of Liverpool’s many museums. If you like art, take a look at the Walker Art Gallery. With art dating back to the 13th century to more modern pieces, there’s plenty to look at and enjoy. There’s even a gallery designed for children to enjoy while you enjoy the art throughout the museum. Entry is free and the location is family friendly. 

For music fans, Liverpool is home to The Beatles Story. This museum traces the Beatles’ history, from the beginning and throughout their rise to fame. This immersive experience is an emotionally charged journey that those of any age can enjoy. Tickets cost around 25 american dollars, but this stop is definitely worth it for music lovers and Beatles fans alike. 

The World Museum has everything from history, science, art, theater, astrology, and more. If you’re interested in seeing history from Liverpool’s perspective, this museum is a must. Be sure to stop by the gift shops inside to grab a souvenire.  

Enjoy Ocean Views

After your trip to the museum, head to the Waterfront. Grab a ride on a local boat, or listen to musicians play original songs and covers. Enjoy ocean views and enjoy snacks from the surrounding shops and food stands. This a great pit stop before heading to your next destination on your one day Liverpool itinerary. 

Go Shopping at Queen Avenue

After learning about the Beatles, world history, and enjoying snacks and waterfront views, it’s time to see what other gems Liverpool has to offer. Queen Avenue is the Diagon Alley of Liverpool. It’s within walking distance of the waterfront and has a charm that’s straight from the Harry Potter Books. With a hidden shopping street and plenty of places to explore, this is the perfect break before dinner. 

Grab dinner at the Baltic Market

At this point, your day has been full of exploring, sight-seeing, and enjoying the history and culture Liverpool has to offer. So, chances are, you’ll have worked up quite the appetite! The Baltic Market is the perfect place to grab dinner before leaving for the day. 

With a diverse menu, you can find everything from pad thai and pizza to halloumi fries and cocktails. The delicious cuisine in this part of town is the best way to end your trip to Liverpool. 

Worried About Bringing Your Bags With You? 

If you only have one day to spend in Liverpool, don’t let your bags get you down! Consider luggage storage options instead. Here’s how it works. 

Book Luggage Storage Online

The first step is to simply book your luggage storage online. Take a look at the locations close to Liverpool’s transportation hubs and tourist destinations to see what location is best for you. There are facilities in Williamson Square, By the Liverpool Beatles Museum, and near Whitechapel. 

There are many different stations for luggage storage in Liverpool. Simply look online to find the one closest to where you are or where you plan to explore, book a spot for your luggage, and head over to drop off your bags. 

With luggage storage facilities near most major landmarks, transportation hubs, and popular tourist destinations, you’ll be able to find a spot that’s convenient and easy for you to store your bags. 

Drop Your Bags Off

Once you’ve found the best luggage storage location for you, drop your bags off! You need to have an online reservation, but once you book your spot, you can simply leave your luggage and return to your exploring. 

Enjoy Hands-Free Exploring, Peace of Mind, and Insurance 

Once you’ve dropped off your belongings, you can enjoy hands-free exploring, peace of mind, and insurance for your luggae. If you have valuables, jewelry, technological accessories, or expensive items, you can rest assured your luggage is safe and secure in a storage facility. Plus, with $10,000 worth of insurance coverage, you can spend less time worrying and more time soaking in the sights.