Debunking the Most Common and Best Medical Marijuana Myths

medical marijuana

Did you know that in 2020 alone it was reported that over 200 million Americans were users of medical marijuana? Every day more and more people are realizing the amazing healing effects of pot, but this does come with a flip-side.

As happens with any topic that trends on the internet, misinformation is also spreading about the benefits of marijuana. This not only negatively impacts patients, but voters who don’t have the complete picture regarding weed.

If you want an accurate and up-to-date picture of the true benefits of medical marijuana, keep reading. This guide will highlight the best medical marijuana myths that have been circulating.

Medical Marijuana Isn’t a Gateway Drug

Despite the efforts of the Reagan administration and DARE, science has shown that marijuana isn’t a gateway drug.

To say that weed will get you hooked on every hard drug around grossly oversimplifies a complex issue. Countries like Portugal have achieved much lower addiction rates. This was only after they achieved full-scale decriminalization.

The fact of the matter is that ingesting medical marijuana on the weekends isn’t going to lead you down a hard path of hard drug use.

Not All Marijuana Is Designed to Get You High

There are plenty of different types of marijuana, each with a variety of effects. While there are plenty that are designed to help you relax or get creative, their uses aren’t uniform.

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CBD for example is shown to provide pain relief without the high that’s associated with other forms of cannabis. Yet the two primary cannabis strains-Sativa and Indica, offer different highs and effects.

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Marijuana Isn’t a One-way Ticket to Cancer

Of all the myths surrounding medical marijuana, this is one of the most harmful.

The evidence linking medical marijuana use to a cancer diagnosis is limited at best. What you may not know is that marijuana is frequently prescribed by physicians during cancer treatment. This is because it can reduce patient’s symptoms of fatigue and nausea.

It’s helpful to remember that a lot of medical marijuana legislation and isn’t based on what’s healthy. Instead, it’s usually founded on what’s politically convenient.

Don’t Let the Best Medical Marijuana Myths Deter You

More states every day are making the move towards approving medical marijuana legislation. This means the health benefits offered by the best medical marijuana can be enjoyed by the public.

With this in mind, it’s still important to understand the common myths associated with medical marijuana. By keeping yourself informed you too can help others gain access to the marijuana industry.

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