Challenges Faced By Women At Workplace


Nowadays, women in the workplace have proved their stupendous presence in almost every industry and in huge numbers. In nearly every field that was once a male domain, women are establishing an equally strong presence. They are strong, smart, technically competent and emotionally valiant as the new age corporate women.

In this era of 21st century, where women have been equally capable and successful as men, gender diversity at the workplace should be made a mandatory rule. But despite achieving such huge glory, women still face many obstacles in their workplace – and in many facets of society.

Let us talk about the most predominant challenges that women in the workplace face in their day to day life.

1. Gender Differences Issues

Women and men are always considered as two sides of the same coin. Each one of them has their unique charm and each one thinks and handles the situation differently. Males are considered more practical than woman and hence are considered better asset to the organisation. But it is still a shame that irrespective of being equally talented there is always discrimination in the eyes of the beholder.

2. Balance of Work-Life

The work-life balance is the toughest challenge in the workplace. As there are many organisations working in night shift, which are less preferred by female employees.

3. Equal Pay

Male graduates could expect to earn 20% more income than female graduates. Most of the women around the world continue to face a wage gap. This is why fair remuneration is one of the biggest factors when employees opt for a new job. In many organisations women are hired into entry level positions at lower pay rates, and the pay gap gets bigger the higher up women go. 

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4. Harassment

Sexual harassment is still a big issue in the workplaces. Women reported that the harassment came from their manager or someone with a higher position or authority. Women need to report it when it happens and management needs investigate it and take appropriate action to correct it.

5. Motherhood and Child Care  

A career woman during the time of maternity, or as a working mother, faces many challenges affecting their career. A woman’s absence from workstation to take care of the child is likely to affect her upward mobility in the workplace.

These are a some of the challenge’s women face in the workplace.  An organisation should try to give equal opportunities and appreciate them as they work harder.