Can Dogs Have Cherry Tomatoes

Can Dogs Have Cherry Tomatoes

Whenever we talk about vitamin C, tomatoes come to mind. The cherry tomatoes are the ones that attract us because of their cute shape and texture. Sometimes, our dog begs for a bite from them, which makes us think, Can dogs have cherry tomatoes?

The good news is that dogs can enjoy the luscious taste of cherry tomatoes without expecting any side effects. They can reap the benefits of this fruit when they eat it in the right way. For example, green cherry tomatoes are not good for dogs, but the red ones are good for them. In the same way, you need to follow some safety concerns before letting your paw friend eat these tomatoes.

All About Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are a type of tomato that belongs to the genus Solanum. They hold a mixture of wild tomatoes and domestic tomatoes. Because of their round shape, people call them cherry tomatoes. They are available in different colours, such as red, yellow, orange, green, black, and purple.

Can Dogs Have Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are also known as grape tomatoes and plum tomatoes because of their oblong characteristics. Compared to normal tomatoes, cherry tomatoes are small. However, their nutritional facts are not so different from the normal ones. It’s just the shape and colour that make them different from normal tomatoes.

Can Dogs Have Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes and all other tomatoes usually stay away from fungus, bacteria, insects, etc. Thanks to their defence mechanisms, called tomatine and solanine, Unfortunately, these compounds are unsafe for dogs, but that doesn’t mean dogs can’t have tomatoes.

Tomatoes use their defence mechanism when they are green or new. Sometimes, red or ripe tomatoes have some green parts, and those parts have toxic compounds. In short, a green tomato or a tomato with green parts is unsafe for dogs. Meanwhile, red cherry tomatoes are safe for dogs in small quantities.

Benefits Of Cherry Tomatoes Good For Dogs

Offering cherry tomatoes to dogs in the right way can result in many health benefits. For example, cherry tomatoes contain vitamin A and an antioxidant called beta-carotene. This can keep our canine friend’s vision stronger and his or her skin and coat healthier. Along with vitamin A, the vitamin C found in cherry tomatoes will maintain joint health, muscle health, and skin health. Besides, its antioxidant properties will save your dog from the damage of free radicals.

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Cherry tomatoes have a fat-soluble vitamin called vitamin K. This can prevent blood clotting in mammals. With vitamin B9, cherry tomatoes can develop dogs’ cell growth and tissue growth. Again, their fibre content will regulate their bowel movement and prevent constipation.

Since cherry tomatoes have potassium, your dog can have a lower risk of heart disease. This is because potassium maintains the blood sugar level, blood pressure level, and cholesterol level. It also promotes muscle health and the nervous system.

Another superb nutrient in tomatoes is iron. This can help your paw friend have a good haemoglobin level. Again, their lycopene can be responsible for keeping him away from cancer risks, heart diseases, and strokes.

Can Cherry Tomatoes Be Bad For Dogs?

Before we learn about the risks of cherry tomatoes for dogs, we have to know about their concept. Cherry tomatoes or any other tomatoes contain tomatine and solanine, as they come from the Solanum (nightshade) family. These are the toxic compounds present in the leaves, stems, and green parts of the tomato. It means a green tomato is full of solanine and tomatine. The more it ripens, the more it alleviates its toxicity.

Dogs are prone to risks from having tomatoes, especially when they eat green ones. Their toxic compounds can lead dogs to lethargy, drowsiness, tremors, seizures, loss of coordination, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.

Don’t think dogs can eat ripe or red tomatoes as much as they want. These tomatoes do have tomatine and solanine, but in fewer amounts. Hence, eating too many red tomatoes can cause tomatine poisoning in dogs.

Can Dogs Have Cherry Tomatoes

Our paw friends are mostly curious and thus eat the whole fruit without a second thought. This makes them eat the stems and leaves too. As said earlier, the stems and leaves of all tomatoes have toxic compounds. Eating these parts will definitely result in various health issues for them.

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Some of our pets are allergic to fruits and vegetables. In that case, cherry tomatoes can also be unsafe for them. They can cause hives, rashes, and irritation in both the skin and the gut.

How To Offer Cherry Tomatoes To Dogs?

As said earlier, green tomatoes or the green parts of tomatoes have high amounts of tomatine and solanine. So the first rule for offering cherry tomatoes to dogs is to offer them the red or ripe ones. Don’t forget to remove the stems and leaves from the fruit, as they are also prone to toxic compounds. Then wash the tomato to remove any sorts of bacteria.

If you want your dog to have good digestion, peel off the skin of the tomato. Then remove the tiny seeds present in it. Afterwards, cut the tomatoes into bite-sized pieces so that he doesn’t find any choking hazards. Also, check if there are any green parts or not. If you find so, cut those parts off to alleviate the toxicity. Then serve the pieces of tomato to your dog with some fruits and veggies or with the dog food.

Another awesome way to serve cherry tomatoes to your dog is by simply blending them into a puree. Then freeze it in the ice cube tray. Dogs love licking tomato ice cubes, especially in hot summers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Cherry Tomatoes?

When can dogs have cherry tomatoes?

Dogs can have cherry tomatoes when they are not allergic to fruits. Also, they should be capable enough to hold their nutrients.

Are cherry tomatoes good for dogs every day?

Eating cherry tomatoes every day will offer dogs more side effects than benefits. They can only eat them occasionally, i.e., once or twice a week, if they are not allergic.

Are cherry tomato seeds bad for dogs?

Like the stems and leaves of cherry tomatoes, their seeds are also harmful to dogs. The toxic compounds found in free tomatoes can be inevitable in the seeds of ripe tomatoes.

Is a raw tomato safe for dogs?

Raw tomatoes are safe for dogs if they are red and ripe. However, remove the seeds, stems, and leaves from the fruit before offering them to your canine friends.

Final Verdict

Since cherry tomatoes pose some health threats, we may think again: Can dogs have cherry tomatoes? The answer is yes but in small amounts. The smaller the breed, the smaller the quantity should be.

Well, the orange, yellow, and other cherry tomatoes, except for the green ones, don’t have toxic compounds. They would only be unsafe if they had any green parts that you could cut off.

Apart from all these, your dog should only dream of having cherry tomatoes when his vet allows it.