Best Apps That Will Simplify Managing Your Business


Best Apps That Will Simplify Managing Your Business

Could people imagine leading a business on their smartphones before? We bet they didn’t, but it’s our new reality. Managing projects, controlling all task execution, tracking the teams’ progress, and properly organizing your time can be difficult, but a considerable number of specialized applications will definitely help you.

Catch a list of indispensable tools that will come in handy for every business owner!

Wrike: Manage Your Projects Remotely

If your team is scattered in different parts of the country, and you do not have the opportunity to hold an offline meeting. Wrike is a free app for teamwork that provides numerous useful features:

  • quick data exchange;
  • sharing images, videos, and documents;
  • organizing discussions;
  • push notifications about all important updates in the team;
  • dividing tasks among all workers and proper planning.

Moreover, this app is free, so you won’t have to invest additional cash to start using it. Overall, Wrike really unites the team in case of remote work and allows tracking and discussing all critical issues.

Controlling Employees’ Productivity with Time Doctor

This app is helpful when you would like to track the progress of all your workers and find the gaps in their schedules. For instance, one employee could be overloaded, while others have a few tasks and have the chance to spin the reel in a new casino online all day long.

Time Doctor allows checking the sites employees visit, tracking their time spent on the working process, and gathering all statistics necessary for further optimization of all tasks and duties.

Any.Do: Classic Organizer for all Your Daily Tasks

Writing in notebooks is an outdated alternative, as most people prefer to keep all their important information on their smartphone or laptop. And Any.Do is a perfect tool to streamline all work tasks and plan leisure.

All basic features, including a calendar, creating a to-do list, and notifications, are free. Moreover, it can immediately synchronize all your devices, making planning easy.

Blue Mail for Quickly Getting all Letters

Of course, checking your Gmail or Yahoo mailbox is always possible, but it often takes a lot of time to check all services. Blue Mail is a service allowing you to check all notifications in one app.

Brainstorming & Keeping All Ideas Is Easy with Moro

This app is a kind of online desk where each team member can exchange ideas and visualize them. It’s especially relevant for those who work remotely and can’t attend offline meetings. Brainstorming becomes more convenient since it’s possible to share all thoughts and keep them in one place without the risk of losing any important data.

OmniFocus: An Organizer with Increased Efficiency

At first glance, it may seem that it’s a usual app for notes, but it’s much more advanced. All projects can be divided into sections and prioritized according to their deadlines and other features.

Hello Sign for Important Documents

It often happens that it’s necessary to sign a document urgently, and the business owner is absent. However, it’s not a problem in the modern world since apps like Hello Sign allow proceeding with this task wherever you are. You can track all documents inside the app and sign everything in PDF files. Quick and convenient!

Survey Monkey for Learning Clients’ Opinions

Feedback and customer satisfaction are the key points determining any business’ success. This app allows creating surveys in a few clicks: your customers or partners can answer all questions anonymously, which will help to increase efficiency and better satisfaction with their demands.

Moreover, Survey Monkey can be synchronized among numerous devices so that all employees can see the results.