Backyard Wildlife: 9 Beautiful Common Garden Birds

Backyard Wildlife Garden Birds

 Are you one of the many people who’ve started birdwatching in the last year? Then you should know about Backyard Wildlife: 9 Beautiful Common Garden Birds:-

With more people getting into this hobby than ever before, it’s a good idea to start learning more about the most common garden birds. This way, you’ll appreciate it when the birds visit because you’ll understand their demeanor. Plus, this makes it easier to know how to entice your favorite birds to come to your garden more than other gardens.

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1. Northern Cardinal

Perhaps one of the easiest birds to recognize on this list is the vibrant red Northern Cardinal. The black plumage around their beaks makes the bright crimson of their bodies pop even more. Females of this species tend to be less vibrant but no less beautiful.

Northern Cardinals are popular birds and are the state bird for 7 different states. They even appear on sports teams!

These birds love to visit bird feeders which makes them a perfect candidate for anyone looking for bird garden ideas. Give them plenty of sunflower seeds, peanuts, and corn, and they’ll come back all the time.

2. European Starling

These speckled little birds have an iridescent quality to their plumage, similar to an oil slick. Instead of making them look dirty, however, they glisten and gleam like a rainbow in the sunlight.

These birds always stick together and you’ll often find them in big flocks of other Starlings. This makes them a bit overwhelming once they find your bird feeders since they’ll stay together as a group to feast on all kinds of different foods. They’re found all around the country since they’ve spread far and wide and continue to grow in population.

3. Downy Woodpecker

Most of us recognize a woodpecker by sound rather than by sight, but these little birds are worth the effort to find. Their black and white speckled bodies are adorned with a bright red crest on the tops of their heads.

When they go knocking on nearby trees, you’ll know to start searching. Don’t get too close or else you’ll scare them away, but they’re great fun to watch.

If you’re wanting to bring more woodpeckers to your garden, make sure to put out suet.

4. American Crow

Although they lack a lot of the colorful beauty of the other birds on our list, American Crows are a very common bird that everyone recognizes. Their stark black plumage and brown eyes make them easy to spot.

Crows are very intelligent and get into mischief if left to their own devices. If you have feeders of any type out in your garden, crows are already trying to figure out a way to get inside to feast on peanuts and corn. They’re creative and persistent so it’s better to dedicate a tiny bird garden to their needs than to try to bar them from other feeders.

5. Blue Jay

One of the most stunning birds is the beautiful Blue Jay. Their plumage is a striking array of blue shades, put together to look almost like a stained glass display.

They’re intelligent but skittish, so you’ll need to be quick to spot them. Blue Jays can be mean to other birds by bullying them out of the way so that they get the best seeds, but they don’t stay around for long. They’ll grab as much food as they’re able to carry in their beaks before flying away to eat their favorite sunflower seeds and peanuts in safety.

These birds enjoy a good garden birdbath so make sure to check out this website to find out more about high-quality birdbaths!

6. Mourning Dove

These beautiful silver birds have elegant black patterns on their backs and they’re far spread throughout the country. It’s not difficult to find a dove if there’s an open area since they love to feast on things from the ground. They’re also easy to recognize due to their iconic sound that a lot of people think sounds like an owl.

Doves love all kinds of different foods which makes them simple to entice with things like sunflower seeds, safflower, corn, and nyjer seeds. They’re not picky and are happy to share with all the other birds that come to visit.

7. American Goldfinch

The bright yellow plumage of the American Goldfinch is enough to bring a smile to any birdwatcher. They’re small and ball-shaped which makes them adorable to watch.

Even more so because Goldfinches don’t mind getting into strange positions to eat. They’ll even peck at seeds upside down!

They love nyjer seeds, so make sure to put out lots of them if you’re hoping to attract Goldfinches to your garden. They’re also fans of sunflower seeds and birdbaths.

8. House Sparrow

These small and round birds have a beautiful mix of browns and blacks. They’re fond of their patterns as well since the male with the biggest black patch leads the other birds in the flock.

They like to hang out in bushes and nab things off of the ground. Sparrows also love to get into bird feeders and birdbaths and have no qualms enjoying both to the fullest.

9. Black-Capped Chickadee

These garden birds make a sound much like their name and create a beautiful kind of music as they repeat it over and over again. It’s a unique sound that you can’t help but smile as you listen.

Their black and white coloring makes them easy to recognize since they have black heads with a strong white stripe through the center. They’re not known to stay in place for long, so you’ll want to keep a careful eye out if you wish to spot them!

Enjoy Watching These Common Garden Birds Every Year

The best thing about all of these common garden birds is the fact you can enjoy watching them all year round. Some species only come out during certain seasons, but they’ll be back every year to show off their beautiful plumage.

This makes birdwatching a wonderful hobby that lets you develop a bond with Mother Nature and all of her wonderful critters.

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