American Bobtail Cat Breed Facts and Familiar Characteristics

American Bobtail Cat Breed

Not many cats are named after a feature on their body, but some are, and it is something to be marveled at. One such example is the American Bobtail, which is a fascinating breed, and has been around for centuries. It has been used in children’s cartoons, movies, famous actors and actresses have had them as pets, and more. 

They are one of the cutest species of felines on the planet and this article will dive into this creature, giving you an insight into some interesting facts and more. If your planning on adopting one, keep reading to find out what you’re in for.

Facts About American Bobtails

Did you know that these loving creatures are some of the most intelligent moggies around? One of the many things about this cat that many people do not know is that they look like a wild cat but have the most compassionate demeanor, making them one of the best four-legged companions to have in and around the house, even if you have children.

They love to bond with their human family and are devoted to children as if they’re one of them. As one of the few entertaining animals around, the Bobtails can play with you for hours in a day and never get bored or tired.

A Brief History of These Felines

Let’s take a small step back and see where they originally came from. The American Bobcat has been around since the ’60s. the reason why it is named as such is because of its stubby, short tail, which is referred to as a ‘bobbed’ tail. It is only one third the length of a normal cat’s tail and has more fur around it as well. 

The reason behind this odd-shaped tail is due to a dominant genetic mutation, as opposed to the recessive mutation known in the similar named Japanese Bobtails. However, these two breeds are not related in any way. 

In terms of the types of breeds available, you get the short-haired ones and the long-haired Bobtails, click here to find out more.


Characteristics of These Sturdy Felines

As mentioned above they love to be part of a family and can be around for entertainment as well as an emotional companion when you are feeling down and need a furry friend. They seem to be empathetic in that sense, as compared to many other ‘typical’ moggies that are most of the time unaware of their surroundings. 

As natural hunters, this is also something you may find them doing, or at least imitating, and they are so adapted to this characteristic or trait that they can catch a flying insect in mid-air. It’s an in-built desire they have for hunting and running or jumping after crawling insects or little rodents. 

Fair warning though, they will most often than not, bring their dead friend, to you as a gift, this is something most cats do instinctively, and the logic behind this can be read all about here:

Perhaps they can teach us a thing or two. Their love of nature is inexhaustible. They love to play, so if you have children they can keep each other busy with different types of toys, which is also a beneficial way of keeping your kids active as opposed to them sitting around the house playing PlayStation or watching cartoons. If you have a backyard of a garden they would be in heaven and would roll around in the grass all afternoon in the sun, like happy little campers.

Overall, this Felis Catus hardly makes much noise, and unlike other similar species, they seldom meow or whine, instead, they may release a small clicking sound or chirping sound when they are delighted with their surroundings, are enjoying themselves playing, or are happy with the company they possess. 

They are very laid-back domestic animals and love people all the same. Even if you have dogs or guinea pigs, they will get along with them just fine, no matter what the breed, size, or mentality. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), these guys are a rare and expensive breed, so it is of utmost importance you look after them and do not let them wander the neighborhoods unaccompanied. 

We hope the above gives a glimpse into this lovely creature and helps make your decision to adopt one, easier.