A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Electric Radiators

White electric radiator


Electric radiators can be great additions to any modern home. Rather than opting for a conventional, central hating radiator that runs from a boiler, electric radiators have risen in popularity in recent years, with attractive, designer models such as Stelrad vertical radiators appealing to the style conscious homeowner. So why should you purchase an electric radiator? Are electric radiators right for you? Follow this guide and find out all you need to know about electric radiators and the benefits they can provide.

Heat Your Home The Smarter Way

Electric radiator models are often much more subtle than central heating radiators, with many beneficial features included within them. Without any form of complex installation process, you can heat your home after setting up an electric radiator in an instant. Essentially, these work just like any other electrical device within your home, meaning that you can set it up, plug it in, and begin warming your home in no time at all.

As traditional, central heating radiators run off the central heating system in your home, they are not the best option for every homeowner. This all depends on individual circumstance, but as an excellent alternative, electric radiators allow for many benefits, which are as follows:

Heating, Without central Heating

Electric radiators allow you to heat up a room, even if there is no direct link to the central heating This means that you wont have to be restrained when it comes to your choice of location when it comes to heating, as pipes won’t come into the equation. As long as you have a house with electricity, which you most probably do, an electric radiator will be suitable for you.

Modern Styled

There is a misconception that electric radiators are not attractive. This is due to the fact that years ago, there were not many different options when it came to the design of electric radiators, often presented as bland, bulky, or just ugly. Rather than merely focussing on functionality, electric radiators of today can become a talking point of any room, with elegant, stylish, aesthetic appealing designs available. You won’t have to compromise on the overall appearance of your room due to installing an electric radiator. In fact, they can enhance the way your room looks, becoming a design feature within your home just as any other piece of furniture would.

Highly Efficient

As well as their aesthetic appeal and adaptability, electric radiators are also highly efficient heating appliances that you can install within your home. Some electric radiators are even up to 50% more efficient than their centrally heated counterparts, which really adds up over a year. This efficiency is easily achieved as the heat is only turned on as and when you require, unlike a central heating radiator that requires you to use the energy provided by the entire boiler when you want to warm up one room. Rather than wasting energy, you can install a brand new electric radiator today, saving money in the process.