5 Best Mutual Fund Apps in India For Easy Investing

5 Best Mutual Fund Apps in India For Easy Investing

If you are looking to grow your money in the long term then consider investing in mutual funds. It is lots faster and easier these days to invest, track, and manage in different mutual funds, all thanks to the plethora of mutual funds app apps in India for easy investing.

All the activities can be performed in just one app, but which app has easy to use features. When you are looking for direct or regular mutual funds is the main objective while selecting these apps on the play store. Most of the mutual fund apps in India are easy to use with buying and selling advantages at your fingertips. 

SEBI in 2013 made it compulsory for the mutual fund houses to have two routes of mutual fund schemes that are Direct and Regular plans. As the name suggests in Direct mutual fund plans you can invest directly in a mutual fund with low cost and direct plans have the name mentioned “Direct” in them. In direct mutual fund plans, the returns are higher than the regular mutual fund plans, it can vary from 0.25 to 1%. It is advisable to invest in direct plans for mutual funds. Direct mutual funds plans are best for salaried persons in India, as they are cheaper than the regular plans and pay a low commission to the fund managers. 

Before revealing 5 best mutual fund apps in India for easy Investing, below is the disclaimer that you should read if you are planning to invest in mutual funds, whether you are a newbie or an old player. 

“Mutual Fund Investments are subject to Market Risk.
Please Read All the Offer Document Carefully Before Investing”

PayTM Money

This app was launched by India’s number 1 mobile app wallet PayTM. As we all know PayTM is an established company in India, they are the name of the trust. Without any commission and the advisory fee, you can easily invest in direct mutual funds through PayTM money. The best part of PayTM money is that they do not charge or take a commission in buying and selling direct mutual fund plans, which makes them the top mutual fund app available in India. 

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The user interface of PayTM money is very easy to use even a newbie can use it without any hassle. The dashboard of the PayTM money offers understandable guidance and has a pre-designed portfolio in it. This app is downloaded by millions of users and has a great rating on the play store. PayTM money app allows investors to register multiple banks for transactions, it allows investors to daily check for the changes by checking their portfolio. 

All the available portfolios have a risk meter in the PayTM money app, which allows investors to have a second opinion on their investment portfolio. Mutual funds with PayTM money can be started with ₹100.

PayTM Money Features

  • No charge on buying and selling of Direct Mutual Funds.
  • No transaction/commission fee on the Investment.
  • No transaction fee on withdrawals.
  • Access your statement for free.
  • You can invest as little as ₹100.


The Times Internet has been in different sectors, as the name suggests they are a part of Times Group. We all know times group is a renowned name in the Indian business industry, expanding their big arms in almost all industries “Times Internet” is one such digital arm of it.

ETMONEY mutual funds app is a part of Times Internet, that has a team of IItians, tech-savvy and professional experts in mobile & financial services. You can use this best app for mutual funds to manage your entire spending and it also helps to invest in direct mutual funds, which makes them the top mutual fund app. The reason to use this mutual fund app is they have a 0% commission on buying and selling of mutual funds.

ETMONEY Features

  • No commission means free buying and selling of mutual funds.
  • Analyze the expense of your multiple bank accounts.
  • Analyze the expense of your multiple credit cards.
  • Get complimentary portfolio analysis.


You can open your account with an aadhaar card and the KYC. The app provides security like a Pin and pattern system. It is amongst the best mutual fund apps for the direct mutual fund investment for money growth. For the years 2015 and 2016 myCAMS had been awarded for the best financial app, which makes this app more trusted and best mutual fund apps. 

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When you are looking for multiple mutual fund companies on a single platform then myCAMS app is the right choice for you. After the registration, it takes only 7 days to start the SIP and this feature is not available in any other mutual fund app. Within one year 10 lakhs new investors are added that show the success of this app.

myCAMS Features

  • Mobile PIN and pattern security.
  • Multiple mutual fund investment scheme.
  • Zero brokerage fees.
  • Hassle-free registration.

Zerodha Coin

From the biggest stock brokers in India “Zerodha coin” is the product of Zerodha. They have the highest number of active clients that invest in direct mutual funds plans. If you are looking to invest in mutual funds for the long term, Zerodha is the trusted and oldest player. 

Initially, Zerodha coin has subscription charges currently it is waived off, however, there are DP charges. 

Zerodha Coin Features

  • Single platform for equity, commodity, currency, and mutual funds.
  • Demat account is open with the Zerodha coin.
  • When the NAV level is reached to limit you have set the order is executed.
  • The app is available on both iOS and Android.

Groww- Mutual Funds App

Groww is one of the fastest-growing mutual fund’s apps in India. You can choose Groww when you are looking for zero commission mutual fund investment options. You can switch the regular funds to the direct mutual fund investment without any fee. Create new SIP, buy and sell mutual funds in just a tap. Like the other best mutual fund apps, it has an easy to use dashboard where you can easily track your portfolio. It is very easy to analyze your return and total return when you use Groww. 

Groww Mutual Fund App Features

  • Paperless Work
  • No commission on the buying and selling.
  • Track your entire portfolio.
  • Wallet system is provided to invest in the mutual funds.


Most of the listed apps above have their unique features, designed to keep the user in mind. When we visit the banks most of the managers suggest we invest in the mutual funds for the long term. You can choose the portfolio according to your goals.