5 Benefits of Using TradingView for Stock Trading


One of the primary challenges faced by traders is navigating the ever-changing movement in stocks. Now imagine that there exists an advanced visualisation platform that helps you use advanced metrics to track the stocks with ease.

TradingView provides an online charting platform that hosts advanced features and tools for technical analysis, along with updated news and socialising features. It seeks to fulfil the needs of traders by offering various metrics on its platform. 

With the help of the platform, you can track several financial assets including F&O. It is an all-purpose trading platform that caters to amateur as well as experienced traders. Let’s look at the benefits of using the Platform.

5 Benefits of Using TradingView

Here are 5 amazing tools provided by the TradingView platform that can be an absolute game-changer for technical analysis.

1.Keep Major Indices on Fingertips

The website provides a summary & comprehensive view of the major World Indices, Forex, Cryptos, Futures, Bonds, Commodities, Stocks, etc. on the homepage itself. So, you can glance through the international markets and key economic indicators in one place.

2.Detailed Charting View & Tools

One of the most useful tools for investors is the Charting view and customisation tools that can help them in the technical analysis of stocks. Stock-specific charts with trend analysis, Fibonacci, support and resistances, stochastic, RSI, and other technical indicators can help investors make quick decisions for online stock market trading.

The tool also provides various types of charts like line charts, area charts, candlestick patterns charts, etc. that show detailed movement in stock prices at relevant intervals for the selected period. You can easily view the price movements for the stock right from the date of listing up to the present day.

3.In-house Social Section for Sharing Knowledge & Expertise

The platform allows you to share your trading strategies and analysis with other community members. It helps investors to learn different ways of interpreting and analysing the stock market charts and data. It also allows the feature of streaming, where you can see other investors interpreting the charts and stock movements.

The chatroom feature allows different members of the community to hold real-time discussions and get feedback on their strategies. You can also get trade suggestions from expert analysts, but it is important to analyse the investment yourself first to avoid unforeseen losses.

4.Easy User Interface Accessible Across Platforms

The user interface of the platform is easy to learn and is accessible on both desktop and mobile. You can either use the web interface or the mobile app based on your convenience.

5.Free Features including Customised Alerts

The platform provides many exciting features to investors for free and also allows them to set alerts about stock-specific benchmarks. The platform tracks the prices and sends an alert notification when the benchmark is achieved. This can help traders never miss important opportunities while focusing on other important work.

To Sum Up

TradingView is an exceptional tool for traders and investors who want to ride the stock market turf. It can not only help investors keep track of important developments, but also allows them to conduct comprehensive technical research. This helps them in striking more favourable trades.

Disclaimer: This blog is not to be construed as investment advice. Trading and investing in the securities market carries risk. Please do your own due diligence or consult a trained financial professional before investing.