4 Workplace Services for Modern Offices

Workplace Services for Modern Offices

Are you wondering what your workplace will look like post-COVID-19? For some, the home may become their permanent office. Others may go back into the office and resume a 9 – 5 workday, 5 days a week. But, what about workplace services being the hybrid of the two? For clarity, the workplace services definition is to make sure you have the right work environment, enabling the organization to reach its goals. So, what are the best office services emerging? Here, we’ll check out 4 workplace services for modern offices that can help you feel a bit saner during the workday. 

1. Health and Wellness Services

With the rise of a pandemic, health and wellness were at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Many employers were asking how to keep their employees safe and well during such a stressful time. 

The best option? To look at employee wellness holistically and increase access to health services. Examples of health and wellbeing programs include counseling, fitness centers, and family programs. 

2. Collaboration Services

With COVID-19, it was not possible to all be in the same place at once anymore. Instead of gathering around a table or leaning over a computer screen to proof a draft, employees swapped emails galore. 

The solution? Digital workplace services with updated collaboration capabilities. 

Many large software companies began integrating a collaboration option into their apps. This allows for quick and easy communication between team members without having to send an email for every update. Collaboration services will help post-COVID-19 by streamlining work, even in the office. 

3. Desk Booking

During COVID-19, many companies downsized their physical office spaces. With limited capacity, offices are requesting that employees notify their supervisors when they want to use the available desks. 

Instead of facing flooded inboxes and playing phone tag, your office may utilize a desk booking service. This is an app that makes reserving your spot at the office easy. 

With many desk booking services, you’ll use the app to reserve a desk or conference room on a particular day. Then, once you’re in the office, scan the QR code to “claim” your desk. Since the app tracks your bookings, you’ll have a record of when you were at the office. 

4. Virtual Meeting Services

With the rise of large-scale virtual meeting servers, your weekly check-ins will never look the same. 

Many large corporations have jumped on the virtual meeting wagon and offer diverse services. Each one has unique features and capabilities from meeting recordings and saved chats to screen and link sharing. 

Though these virtual services can be used internally, they are great for external communication as well. Instead of waiting in traffic to meet with a client across town, you can chat online in seconds. This also increases many businesses’ scopes, extending their face-to-face network worldwide. 

Workplace Services for the Future

Through the rise of COVID-19, amazing technologies have evolved. Who knows what services may develop in the future to make our workdays even less stressful?

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