Top 5 Indian Food Brands Dominating Market Leaders


The lifestyle of people is changing at a rapid pace. India is now moving towards the nuclear family, where the ways of living and consumption patterns are changed. Our tech-savvy population is spending more and more time over the internet especially on the social communication, entertainment apps and on the online shopping portals. With the exponential growth in the usage of the internet, India is preferring online shopping over conventional methods. 

Most of the businesses have already analyzed this change in the pattern and they are slowly and steadily adopting the technology to remain in this competitive market. India is the world’s second-largest populated country, that gives the Indian food brand industries to grab the opportunity and capture the market. 

Indian food brands either legendary players or their alternatives face problems like price hike, lack of skilled employees, subtle government policies on taxes, food wastage, and many more. But these seem to be minor issues in this high profit and high margin sector. Here in this content, we are not determined to focus on the already established legendary players who have been in this industry for a very long time. But, we will rather focus on the emerging players who are giving tough competition to already established classic players. 

These Indian food brands either emerged or started to emerge as the top leader and giving hard time to market dominated brands. Products from these brands are far tastier than the already established players. The problem with these well established classic brands’ monopoly is very simple, they will never give their customers and retain the same quality over the period. 

We have come across with the list of top 7 Indian food brands by putting them on below criteria:

  • Total Revenue
  • Current Trend
  • Current Demand
  • Product Line
  • Sustainability 

Prataap Snacks Private Limited (Yellow Diamond)

Prataap Snacks Private Limited is a part of the BCM group. Amit Kumat is the man behind building this multi-dollar business. He manufactures Indian snacks, with so much product line in this section. Chips, namkeen, and snacks have big players including foreign companies PepsiCo, Mondelez, and Indian players like haldirams, Bikanervala, Bikaji Foods, etc. Amongst all these Prataap Snacks have seen record sales growth of 8-35% in their products.

They have been listed on the Bombay stock exchange, the valuation of the company is about 2700 crore on Indian stock exchange. Salman Khan is the brand ambassador for this company. The idea of the Indian snack business came when Amit Kumat landed neck-deep in debt. This business clicked when they launched “chulbule” a rival to PepsiCo “Kurkure”. 

The company waited for almost 1.6 years to raise the fund to set up a potato chips and ring making factory. Children are their main consumers, with a packet of potato rings and chips only costs ₹5. Their factory can make a 40-45 lakhs packet in a day with 0.50 paisa toys inserted in it. This makes them a very popular brand among the kids. 

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The name of the company was initially proposed as Diamond but they have been forced to add the suffix “Yellow” due to the trademark being found already registered. 

Total Revenue – 900 crore

Current Trend – They have seen a surge of 8-35% in revenue generation.

Current Demand – Their product is very popular amongst the kids.

Product Line – Popular products are listed below:

  • Potato Chips
  • Chulbule
  • Rings, Kurves and Puffs
  • Namkeen
  • Nachos
  • Yum Cakes & Cookie Cake

Sustainability – With the awesome product line and rapid change with the current market, Yellow Diamond looks to be a tough nut to crack.

Kohinoor Foods Limited

The first name which comes into your mind when someone says the word “Basmati Rice” is Kohinoor basmati rice. Kohinoor foods have been in this industry for the last 4 decades. They offer an extensive range of products aiming to provide the best taste and remind them of the best Indian flavor. Kohinoor foods have become a household name in India due to a substantial range of products including basmati rice, cooking spices, sauces, seasoning frozen foods, etc. Like others, they have the same mission and vision to make Kohinoor foods as the trusted name and stand out from their competitors. 

The rice type is very huge, amongst its basmati rice is very popular due to its use in making many dishes. Either veg biryani or non-veg biryani it is most popular in India, its taste widely depends on the quality of basmati rice used in it. Kohinoor basmati rice is one of the most preferred rice over other big brands. 

Total Revenue – 650 crore

Current Trend – They have backed with 40-45% of revenue from Basmati rice. 

Current Demand – Whether you are making veg pulao, biryani (veg or non-veg), zeera rice, etc there basmati rice is best to use for it. 

Product Line – Extensive range of rice products, sauces, ready to make products.

Sustainability – With the household name in the rice industry, the current revenue is increasing day by day, making it the only recognized name in this industry.

SAJ Food Products Pvt Ltd (Bisk Farm)

Bisk Farm has delicious cakes, rusks, biscuits, snacks, and cookies. They are Indian food brands dominating the market leaders in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMGC) sector. Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Kolkata. With the launch of the company, they target all around India, becoming tough competitors for major players like Britannia, parle, etc. 

With the increase in the price of raw materials such as oil, flour, milk, milk-based products, etc Bisk Farm manages to provide the product at a decent price. 

Total Revenue – 700 crore

Current Trend – The current market is highly competitive, Bisk farm is giving tough competition to big and well-established players. 

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Current Demand – The demand for their biscuits, cakes, and rusk is very high.

Product Line – They have a total of 97 products.

Sustainability – It is very tough to retain in this cutthroat sector, but brisk farms products prove to be a winner. 

Fresca Juices

Initially, the company supplies the juices to airlines until they realize the potential of fresh fruit juice Indian market. In the year 2016 they raised a series of funds to expand their business to PAN India, by this they become national players in the fruit juice business. They have a very strong distribution network in India. Besides a strong distribution network Fresca Juices, part of Shri Bankey Behari Foods has manufacturing units in Noida, Haryana, Sonepat. New manufacturing units are to be set up in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. 

If you have thrust for fresh juice, then Fresca Juices is the best option to consider besides heading towards expensive brands like Dabur’s Real and Real Activ Juices. The price of the product varies from ₹10 to ₹110. They have been growing exponentially with 400% growth in the packaged fruit drinking category. 

Total Revenue – 75 crore

Current Trend – The demand for this segment is very high, Fresca Juices is on the path to lead it. 

Current Demand – Litchi juice is their top-selling product, followed by others. 

Product Line – They have a variety of packaged fruit juices, including flavors like mango, lichi, guava, etc.

Sustainability – As we all know Dabur captures the market share by approximately 44%, Pepsico capturing 30% share.  

Vezlay Foods Pvt. Ltd

India is a non-vegetarian country with the majority of its population eating fruits and vegetables. Vezlay Foods is making soya as the best alternative to meat. It will be surprising to see products like soya leg piece, soya seekh kabab, soya Shami kabab, soya rogan josh, etc. Soya is rich in protein, dietary fiber, and many other nutrients, we must have eaten the soya chaap. 

Their product is gaining popularity amongst the people who are looking to cut the excessive consumption of the meat. The products offered by Vezlay are better than meat and ideal for vegetarians. Their product line is mouth-watering and is pure vegetarian. 

Total Revenue – 2 crore

Current Trend – India has a majority of the vegetarian population, their product is the best alternative to non-vegetarian food. 

Current Demand – Demand is increasing amongst both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

Product Line – Soya kabab, leg piece, Shami kabab, rogan josh, etc.

Sustainability – With no major players in this industry, Vezlay is now an established name in this sector.


The shelves of Indian supermarkets and Kirana stores are slowly being replaced with these new brands eliminating big and established brands. We have seen a sudden growth in the purchase of these products in this highly competitive market.