Who runs Hoodville Instagram Page? | Hoodville Face Reveal

Hoodville Face Reveal

Hoodville – HOME OF THE HOOD is the Instagram Handle of a mysterious person who never revealed his real face and identity. With a whopping 8.2 Millions followers on his Instagram Page, this person is popular among the internet users. Hoodville page shares memes everyday and they are liked by thousands of people. Comments on his posts are interactive which shows his active user engagement. Hoodville is active on various social networking sites : Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Tik Tok, Spotify and snapchat.

He also has his own website where he sells his merchandise of the brand name Hoodville. We are going to discuss Hoodville Face Reveal in this post.

Hoodville Face Reveal

Not Your Typical Meme Page

Hoodville has an Instagram Handle with the bio that reads “Not your typical meme page”. The owner of this page has never revealed himself but posts actively. His posts consist of Memes as a photo, video and reel. His Memes are based on present scenarios like pop culture, politics, artists, movies and puns. His memes are liked and shared by a lot of people as his sense of humor is good.

Hoodville Face Reveal

Currently his Instagram display picture is of a man wearing a Chain with a skull. He has a dog face masked completely. In the name of Hoodville face reveal, this is only detail available on the internet about him. With his meme and sense of humor, we get an idea about his age. He must be in his early 20s as his memes are based on Generation Z humor. He updates his fans everyday and shares memes about trending topics.

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There has been many speculations about Hoodville Face Reveal made among his fans as mentioned below :

  1.  Fans speculated that the owner is a man due to his posts based on inside jokes of men and recently he has been posting about Kanye West. His posts are mostly pictures and videos of men.
  2. His sense of humor is Gen Z based which means he must be a person in his late teens or early 20s.
  3. On Reddit, there is discussion on an account @goodtimesjackson likely to be the owner as his posts are linked to this private account without any context.
  4. Some redditors speculated @prollydoeion or @slymethepit could be the owner as there have been comments made by these accounts on his Hoodville instagram page. Comments made by these accounts are mostly pinned and first on the posts.
  5. Some people claimed to live in the neighbourhood of Hoodville and that they know him, but there is no proof about this.
  6. His mysterious identity is speculated to be part of his marketing as people are curious about his identity which gives him enough attention.
  7. He has a backup account on Instagram with the name City Boys, which is included in the Instagram highlights of Hoodville page.
  8. Since we know that the person has a website to sell his Hoodville Merchandise, it is another reason to confirm that he is enjoying his mysterious identity to make money.

Hoodville Face Reveal

Net Worth

With so much popularity, the net worth of Hoodville is estimated to be around $2 Million USD. Hoodville is one of the most popular meme pages out there on the Internet. He is active on not only Instagram but Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Discord. He is making enough money from these social media handles. Next he sells NFT art. He has designed many pictures, one of them is his Instagram Profile Picture of a Man with a Dog face completely hidden in a mask. He has millions of youtube subscribers where he uploads shorts and meme videos. These videos are monetized and earn him a huge revenue.

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His merchandise selling website also earns him money. His millions of fans actually buy Hoodville Merchandise. On Discord, he has a chat group where his fans interact and discuss the latest memes posted by him. Overall, he is making good money.

Hidden Identity on Internet

Why are we finding headlines about Face revelation of a Person who has never revealed his identity? There are numerous on the Internet who have never revealed themselves but interact with their followers everyday.

Meme pages, NFT pages, Business pages and many others are known to post regularly but never reveal their real identity.

We don’t even know about their gender, age, height, family, life, profession but we still like their posts. Their content is relatable with our life so we like and follow these accounts.

Well, if you do not want to reveal your background or avoid judgement, then it is best to interact with your followers as you do not have to worry about being judged on the basis of your face and body. You can find pages which are based on jokes, music or How-To stuff. It is better to only work on your passion and gain followers rather than seeking attention.