Hey JioMart, Reasons Why We Prefer Local Kirana Store over Online Grocery Store?


We have seen new online grocery websites launching daily, they are either marketplace based models or inventory-based models. Anyone can launch its online store as it requires minimum technical knowledge and effort.

Several website development companies in India are offering an easy way to launch your online grocery website on their SaaS-based platforms. They have pre-made templates and add-on to ease all the methods like delivery calculator, shipping method, rate calculator, multi-vendor features, etc.

We are in a situation where online grocery delivery is in demand, it is mainly due to the current pandemic situation. Most of the companies either cab sharing companies or travel companies have driven themselves into food business. JioMart is a big name that launched its eCommerce food delivery service. It is fascinating to see the categories JioMart is covering, the main aim for the JioMart is to target the middle-class families who are newbies in online grocery shopping. The Brand Jio itself is the name of trust in India that is is making JioMart stand out of the crowd from its current market competitors. 

The range of products offered by JioMart are daily need food items such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, snacks, beverages, etc. 

The Internet is flooded with reviews that has both compliments and problem faced by the customers during purchase at online grocery business.

jiomart reviews

When you do any online business it has some positive and negative talks. But in case of JioMart negative reviews suppresses the positive ones. Here we will know the actual problem with the online grocery stores like JioMart in India. These are the several main hurdles and barriers that need to be looked on the grassroots level.  

Product Availability

Inventory management is one of the important tasks in operating an online store. It has to be a integral part for the online grocery stores like JioMart to update their inventory frequently (here frequency varies according to minutes even seconds).  

While purchasing online grocery customers are in a state of mind that the product quantity available on the online grocery store is unlimited, except stock quantity is mentioned on the listed product. But, it is heartbreaking and painful that leaves you in a anger after ordering online you will not get the product in the same quantity you have ordered. Sometimes it so devastating when you get a call, the person on the other side of the call says that “The XYZ product you have ordered is not available, instead we are sending an ABC product on behalf of that.”  

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In your local Kirana shop, the amount of product available is up to date. This will leave no confusion in you to choose the range of products available.

Payment Insecurity

Payment is one of the most major concerns of online purchase. If you have selected the cash on delivery then it is advisable to keep open money every time just to avoid the argument with the rude delivery person. The reason these delivery agents do not carry open money is they only get the list of products to be delivered to a particular address. If you have opt-in the the free cash on delivery, most of the website has a specific order amount. Incase of JioMart Free delivery above Rs. 750.

If you have paid online via any payment mode and the order is somehow delayed or canceled then the refund to the original source may takes around 2-3 business days. In some cases, it may takes around 15-30 working days. If you get a delay in the refund and contact the website support they will clearly say to contact with your bank stating that they have initiated the refund. Upon contacting the bank further they will suggest contacting the website on which we have ordered. 

These days local Kirana stores have various payment methods available from Paytm to POS machines. You do not need to be worry about the open money as these local Kirana stores have lots of open money. They even come very helpful when we require a change of large denomination for your daily work. 

Duration of Product Delivery

You have saved time on online grocery shopping by avoiding long lines at the local Kirana shop. These online grocery stores work at a process of delivery and usually, they take around 2-3 days to deliver. Several online grocery stores allow you to choose the time slot but it happens to be a false promise. It is wrong to say that you have saved time in online grocery shopping from big players like JioMart, Grofers, BigBasket, etc. 

You can only check and refresh the “My Order” panel to check if the item you have ordered is shipped or not. If you are excited after ordering then believe me all the excitement gets into the vein due to long delivery duration. In the past, there were several big players who tried in collaboration with the local Kirana store to deliver the product on a quick basis but they are shut down due to several technical hurdles they have faced. 

The local Kirana store is quick in delivering your essentials as they personally know you and your address. 

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To reduce the delivery duration of an online grocery store large chums of well-trained delivery agents need to have great and great knowledge about the local area. Talking about the well-trained delivery agents leads me to my next point which is indeed a serious problem, not only socially but mentally for the customers. 

Rude Delivery Agents

At the delivery time, the behavior of delivery agent is very important. It not only represents your brand value but also becomes the point to retain the customer. The person who is dealing and delivering the product to customer is a pure representation of your brand. These delivery agents and their companies are the backbones of any online eCommerce stores. The problem with Indian online grocery store delivery environment is very basic, they have untrained/unprofessional and rude delivery agents. 

GPS location on the mobile phones capture the exact location of the customers, even the address provided by the customers are very accurate. For the person living in a small colony, it becomes very messy for them when a rude delivery agent asks them to come to a particular place to collect their order. 

Why are we ordering online, if we have to come and collect it?

Why do these agents show that they are doing very hard work? The choice of work is someones own decision, it is very bad to impose it on your customers.

In the local Kirana store, you have a sense of friendship with the seller and the workers. Even in some cases if a new product comes to their shop they will politely tell the features so that you can purchase it. It is where human interaction plays an integral part in business, these local Kirana stores stand far more better place as compared to these online robotic stores.

Partial Support

What if anyone has confusion regarding his/her online order. The first thing that person do will is simply try to connect with the online support offered by the web store. In the case of JioMart, they have a helpline number, but when you call them, number is busy every-time. Other online grocery websites have chatbots that have no human operators, so it is very painful to interact and waste your time on these bots. 

In the local Kirana store, you will get instant support. You have the option to choose the different product if accidentally purchased the wrong product.

Wrapping up

India is open market for online grocery shopping, which is surging day by day. But for new players like JioMart which has to cover a long road and need to overcome with these basic hurdles.