Dyson V7 vs V8

Dyson V7 vs V8

The V-Series are the cordless stick vacuum series of Dyson built for “fast cleaning” every day. These lightweight aspirations have some special accessories that make them practical because you don’t want a full-size vacuum cleaner to fly around (or can’t) with them. When comparing the characteristical characteristics of each vacuum model, we can decide which of these adhesives give you the better bang! So in this article, we will give you the difference between Dyson v7 vs. v8 Dyson V8 vs V11

Are the differences between Dyson V7 vs. V8?

The biggest distinction is the suction capacity and the life cycle of the battery. The more the Dyson V8. The V7 produces 100 AW of power motor will produce 115 AW of suction. So the V8 can also be managed compared to the V7 for up to 40 minutes, which lasts 30 minutes.

Getting into the details

We have done a Dyson V8 and the DysonV7 relation to seeing if both can be compared as two common vacuums of Dyson sticks. So the two vacuums were compared based on cost, suction capacity, runtime, visibility, filtering mechanism, other functions, and the winner chosen.


Five different Dyson V8 models are available, including these-

  • Absolute Dyson V8
  • Animal Dyson V8
  • Animal+ Dyson V8
  • Motorhead Dyson V8

The Dyson V8 models share a variety of key characteristics

  • It’s a digital engine.
  • Average speed
  • Around 40 minute’s duration.
  • Filtering HEPA.

There are two modes of control.

  • A straight drive
  • Cleaning head.
  • A mini-engine tool.
  • The aperture.
  • A mechanism for cracking.
  • A light powder.
  • A station to dock.
  • A loading unit.

So the distinction between the V8 Dyson models is the additional characteristics, and they are offering options.

Absolute Dyson V8: Dyson V7 vs. V8

A soft roller head is included in the Dyson V8 Absolute.

Animal Dyson V8

The animal Dyson V8 also has a mini-dusting brush and Amini brush roll motorized.

Animal+ Dyson V8: Dyson V7 vs. V8

A mini dusting brush has been included in Dyson V8 Animal.

Motorhead Dyson V8

There are no extra features for the Dyson V8 Motorhead.

Complete clean Dyson V8

The Dyson V8 Total Clean also has an “up top” adaptor (for higher spaces), a “Flexi grating” tool (for higher spaces, take to confined spaces.) So the V8 Absolute Clean is a little harder to achieve.


Cleaning of several surfaces

The vacuum Dyson V8 works on both tapestries and bare floors, and each surface has special instruments. The D8 uses a blend of carbohydrates and nylon to clean floors so that the flooring and the tile are easy, while brush bristles are strong enough to strip dense soil from the tapestry. So if you are to move from the carpet to hardwood or tile floors, you should change the head accessories for optimum washing. (You have no reason to adjust the mounting on the vacuum head. However, you’ll want the best results.)

Stick and handheld: Dyson V7 vs. V8

The Dyson V8 is both portable and a bolt cleaner. Because it is relatively easy to switch between each mode. The telescope of 2.2 meters. So the connector fits directly to the strong power supply of 50W.

Clean up the roof of your house floor

The Dyson V8 is more weighing than certain other Dyson V-series. However, the weight is well balanced to make it easy to clean overhead.

Battery power charging and dock

The Dyson V8 is supplied with a weighting dock on the wall. Just 8 ounces but solid enough to keep the V8 loadable. So do you want to?

Skills: Dyson V7 vs. V8

The Dyson V8 has a dust and debris 0.14-gal bin, and it has an easy quick-emptying pushbutton when the bin is full. So take it, open the bin, and push out the dust and soil from silicone rings!!


A washable HEPA filter on the engine rear of the Dyson V8


This filter offers full air filtration and prevents pollen and duster allergens from making breathing easier.


The Dyson V8 weighs 575 lb. – the power behind the concept is lightweight. However, the V8 reaches the middle of the power-carrying port with enough suction for fast work when still in the process. So to have the cobwebs of the ceiling bright enough!

What’s the V8 like?

In comparison to Dyson v7 vs. v8, you need to know the differences. The change from hard floors to carpeted floors is work for the Dyson V8 a bit more than the model V7 as it wants

Heads move to clean floors.

The V8 easily addresses fine and medium particulate material on hardwood flooring, but as soon as the debris fragments exceed the cereal size, the output decreases significantly.

The V8 creates a bigger waste on hard floors.

Brave action, but it just takes about half the mess and drives the approximately about fifth. So, however, the V8 is very effective and demonstrates on the taped ground.

Low-efficiency differential between high and low stack carpet (combat)

Just on high pile carpet slightly.

Color: Dyson V7 vs. V8

You should know that when you purchase your vacuum, the Dyson V8 can be found in yellow, gray, or red if the color changes you.


The Dyson V8 will range from $350 to 450 (whichever model the V8 is based on) you’re interested in purchasing.) A refurbished Dyson V8 can also be purchased for just less than $300.The V8 is a costly vacuum but an investment. So if you have the budget, it is worth having.

This honor comes from the Dyson V11 outsized, which arrived in 2020. So the V8 is not the strongest vacuum from the Dyson stick.

Dyson v7 vs. v8


  • Unbelievable achievement.
  • Nice time for non-motorized equipment.
  • Save room.
  • Special treatment.
  • Near than other models of Dyson stick.


  • Other labels contrasted with the prices.
  • Small stock bucket of mud.
  • Time for long loads.
  • It needs the trigger to act constantly.



The Dyson V7 vacuum on the stick was launched in 2017. Dyson’s a cable-less cleanly. The V7 is also one of Dyson’s cheapest. Stick aspiration models make it a common four-year cordless solution. Because of its lightweight and simple handling, the V7 is easy. That weight balance. But maybe one of the better things to do. Model is it has a big, direct push, hair-proof head bristles tangles around. So the Dyson V7 is available in four different versions, others in which the specific markets are exclusive.

 This include model-

  • Absolute Dyson V7 ·
  • Animal Dyson V7
  • Motorhead Dyson V7
  • HEPA V7 Dyson

The Dyson V7 models have a variety of main characteristics.

  • It’s a digital engine.
  • An average 30-minute runtime.
  • There are two modes of control.
  • A washing head with clear push.
  • A tool for combining and a tool for cracking.
  • A station to docked

Absolute Dyson V7

With a soft cleaning head and a mini staining brush, the Dyson V 7 Absolute has a mini-powered brush.

Animal Dyson V7

  • HEPA filtration is included in the Dyson V7 animal.
  • Brush dusting, mini brush rolling.

Motorhead Dyson V7

No extra features are included on the Dyson V7 Motorhead.

HEPA v7 Dyson

HEPA filtration also comes with the Dyson V7 HEPA.

Multi-surface Cleaning FEATURES

The vacuum Dyson V7 is used for tapestries and bare floors. Because this versatility is critical for any modern vacuum as it defeats the purpose of not having to remove the vacuum of its full size. So not every surface is affected by stick vacuum!

The D7 uses a mixture of carbohydrates and nylon too. So it’s gentle on hardwood floors and tiles because it’s all clean and Remove deep-set dirt enough agitating from long pillow tap. It should also be remembered that the V7 is not sucked when you switch to the stick vacuum from the use of V7 as a handheld.

Stick and holder: Dyson V7 vs. V8

The Dyson V7 is a portable and stick vacuum with an easy to remove telescopic fit on the 35W engine. Strength head& Powerhead. So from sweeping floors to cleaning with just one press. Because ceilings and a vacuum weight are well-balanced to prevent you from the Fight for sterile vertical surfaces by using the cleaner.

Battery power and port charging

  • The Dyson V7 still has ambition, like other V-series. A wall-mounted dock for charging makes storing simpler and charging easier than ever before.
  • Only attach the charge station to the wall and connect your utility room. After any use – don’t hesitate to charge more!
  • The V-7 battery takes three and a half hours, and the Dyson V-7 can operate for 30 minutes until it is charged fully.
  • So if you use as much vacuum as possible, you can get clean time per charge of about 10 minutes.
  • The smaller V-7 battery produces 21 suction air watts.
  • In the lowest step, you are using the vacuum. If you set the limit,
  • So the battery generates 100 suction Air watts.


  • The Dyson V-7 has a 0.14-gal bucket to gather dust and debris.
  • It also has a hygienic emptying button when the bin is filled.
  • UST press the wide red lever, open the tube, pulling the dust and soil from within the Ring of Silicone!
  • The V-7 has no HEPA filter unless expressly designated.
  • Purchase the HEPA variant, but each time it washes out the filter easily.

 Weight: Dyson V7 vs. V8

The Dyson V7 weighs 5.45 Livres – very small for the quantity of suction it offers. This smaller weight is also why the life of the V7 battery is too short. So we can ask whether she had a how much longer the battery life would have been, bigger battery?

How the V7 works?: Dyson V7 vs. V8

With V7, the move from hardwood to taped floors. It is smooth, but V7 performs on carpeted floors to a higher degree. The V7 discusses fine particle debris on hardwood floors without an issue but in the face of anything of the size or larger rice grain. V7 will be questioned. So really, if you get to any extent Rubbish, V7 even doesn’t bother to collect it. The V7 will, however, accommodate waste of any size on taped floors and unwavering continuity. Better still, the V7 is just as good. So top pile and bottom pile tapestry.


While color doesn’t matter to the majority of vacuum buyers, know that you can buy Dyson V7 in purple, fuchsia, and black,

Tariffs: Dyson V7 vs. V8

Dyson V7 runs from 300 to 400 dollars (depending on the model you choose). So you are interested in buying a) if you would like to buy to pay from $200 to $250 for the updated edition.

Dyson v7 vs. v8


  • Amazing results.
  • Dyson’s affordable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Save room.
  • Smooth change from hardwood to pick.


  • Cost compared with other labels.
  • A small set of dust buckets.
  • Battery life short. Short.

The Recommendation: Dyson V7 vs. V8

So, who is the winner of the Vacuums Cordless Dyson? The V8 from Dyson! We have chosen Dyson V8 because it’s better than the V7All-inclusive. This performance upgrade may be due to the V8. There is another option on the Dyson V8 that we want to see – we want a bigger pocket so that it doesn’t need to be emptied so much. So this means that the bin size on the V8 correlates to the bin size on the V7. This is not a distinct trait of the two vacuums.

Now you know the Dyson v7 vs. v8comparison. So, pick your favorite one!

FAQ: Dyson V7 vs. V8

Is it V8 DYSON for you?

  • The Dyson V8 is an excellent pick, if:
  • You are looking for a political vacuum that doesn’t set.
  • Back from 600 to 700 bucks.
  • You want a strong but lightweight vacuum on the stick.
  • So you like a stick cleaner, which you can do conveniently without the inconvenience of a full-size vacuum.

So you’ve got an animal. You might not find the Dyson V8 is a decent option.

Is Dyson v7 the right one for you?

For you, the Dyson V7 is the right option if:

  • For occasional washing, you want a lightweight vacuum.
  • You don’t want to invest a lot in a Dyson.
  • In a smaller house, you live.

The Dyson V7 can’t be your right option if:

  • Many of you have wood and pet floors. You have cats.
  • So you want Dyson to deliver the best of it.