Dhruv Rathee – A True Inspiration for Indian Youth


Dhruv Rathee (ध्रुव राठी) is a political, social and economical activist. He is into spreading awareness through his videos. Dhruv rathee through his awareness videos is against the lies, corruption, injustice, propaganda, and biased people towards the ruling political party in India. 


For a democratic country like India, if we do not ask questions against the ruling party the base of democracy will go into the vein. 

Dhruv Rathee was born on 8 October 1994 in the state of Haryana, India. Their few Indian YouTubers who are like Dhruv, if you closely look at his YouTube channel you will watch one of the most informative videos. He started following politics very closely during the Anna Hazare movement.

Why Indian Youth Need Inspiration from Dhruv Rathee?

As we all know most of the Indian mainstream media is either sold out or under any corporate influence. These paid media are more into spreading the propaganda of the ruling party, with asking any serious question to the government.

These mainstream media are not small channels but they are big national news channels. These channels have millions of viewers and act as the biggest influencer to the audience (including Indian youth). The main purpose of these news agencies is to make fools of the people and hide the actual news.

What Makes His YouTube Videos Different?

Dhruv Rathee makes in-depth well-researched videos on several issues. Videos have all the evidence. The references on the videos or the data on the video are collected from the reputed sources. All videos are well structured with the basic aim to present the facts and awareness. 

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In his videos he is never biased towards anyone, adding a side of each scenario. 

Video Breakdown

⇒ Introduction of the issue

⇒ The Impact

⇒ The Problem (with the actual data and facts)

⇒ The real solution

People Love Him or Hate Him?

It is hard to distinguish if people love him or hate him. The peoples who have their eyes covered with the propaganda hate him, but those who are liberal and secular love him. That is why it is so hard to say people love him or hate him.

“Dhruv Rathee have its own fan following”

ध्रुव राठी की अपनी ही फैन फॉलोइंग है

Problems Faced by Dhruv Rathee

For his video and point to point question to the ruling party, so trolling is the most common problem Dhruv rathee faces. A civil and criminal defamation case was filed against Dhruv rathee. The allegation was for a fake YouTube video uploaded by Mr.Rathee, which was shared by Delhi’s current chief minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. The complainant was an activist of the ruling party, so you can imagine why the FIR and allegation were made.

There are difficulties in the way of truth, but we wish best of luck to Dhruv rathee or like him to stand strong for the truth.