5 Industries in a Profit Surge Due to Corona Lockdown


In the Republic of China, there is a city by the name of Wuhan which is the capital city of Hubei Province. Almost all the people around the world know this city name viz “Wuhan”, whenever history will be written this city will have a special place, not due to any good thing but the pain it has given to the world. Life loss, economical loss, social loss, and mental loss can not be forgotten. 

Human virus Novel corona originated from this city. There are several speculations about how this virus came in contact with the human.

Theory No. 1 – Some people believe SARS-CoV-2 originated from the bat and spread in humans through another mammal.

SARS-CoV-2 ⇒ Bat ⇒ Pangolin

The pangolin is the world’s most trafficked mammal, so it is strongly believed that bats infected the pangolin and in the Wuhan wet market where trading of wildlife animals was common, in the same wet market first human get in contact with this deadly virus.

Theory No 2 – Some people believe that the COVID-19 virus originated in the Wuhan institute of virology and it was spread either intentionally or unintentionally. This theory is strong as the United States of America’s president is continuously claiming that the virus is spread from the Wuhan laboratory which is not far from the wet market. 

But the Wuhan institute of virology director denies this allegation made by people around the world, claiming that yes they have found some strain of live virus but the similarity between SARS-CoV-2 was only 80%. 

“Not only Covid-19, but China has also given the pain of SARS back in past ”

These theories are a matter of investigation but Covid-19 has taken millions of lives all around the world and forced people to get under lockdown. Social distancing is the only practice to avoid the spread of this virus. Most countries have taken decisions to do the lockdown, requesting their citizens not to get out of their homes. This results in economic loss to the countries, most of the industries have seen huge losses. Industries like tourism, travel, hotels, etc have been in the loss as people are staying at home due to the lockdown.

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But several industries are outperforming and seeing serge in the profit in this pandemic situation.

FMCG (food and sanitization)

Small and local consumer products are gaining popularity due to their lower cost and the same quality offered by the bigger players. The FMCG market is gaining huge profits from food products like atta, dal, rice, and spices. Top sanitizer brands profit dropped to around 85% due to more than 150+ brands entered the market.

Dettol and Lysol products have seen a surge in the profit due to its disinfectant property, but their effectiveness is yet to be scientifically proven. Dettol soap which they claim to kill 99% of germs is just a soap that only creates foam, so do some research before buying these products.


Before the Corona outbreak, most of the telecom industries were getting huge losses in their profit except Jio, creating a monopoly in the sector. But this outbreak opens the opportunity for the all telecom industry to gain profit. People staying at home now spend more time on their mobile, as usual, thus they are consuming more and more data on a daily basis. It is the best time for telecom operators like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, etc to provide high quality at less price. This will not only give the next quarter profit but also builds a sense of trust within the people.

Also, these telecom industries are also coming up with creative ways to recharge your mobile phone plus new methods of payment to online grocery stores. Recently India’s leading telecom industry launched its own online grocery platform JIO MART, giving users an opportunity to stay home and save lives.

Online Learning

Schools are shut down due to the COVID-19 lockdown. This pandemic situation changed education and forced it to move online rather than traditional classrooms. Millions of children globally are out of the classrooms, resulting in the change in education which is now moved to e-learning.

We all know the importance of education, Children’s education is a concern for parents and this concern is resolved by online platforms. Teaching is now moved remotely on the digital platforms. We have seen a sudden rise in online learning platforms like BYJU’S, Vedantu, Khan Academy, Udemy, etc. Government as well as private schools and institutes directed their teachers to move on the digital platforms so that there is no loss in the education of the children.

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The main question is whether the shift in education to online platforms will remain post-lockdown and what will be the impact of its future education market.


India is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, giving tough competition to China. In India, the pharmaceutical industry saw an 8% rise in profit due to sudden panic purchases. It has been seen due to panic buying in the chronic medicine category.

Pharmaceutical companies are working very hard on developing vaccines for the COVID-19, research and development is its peak for developing vaccines. Human trials are happening on a daily basis once it has been developed these pharmaceutical companies will for sure earn good profit.

OTT Platforms

Covid-19 outbreak helped the OTT platforms increase in their revenue. More and more people are signing up on their paid plans to get the content, as this platform is filled with good content. Movie and cinema hall is also shut down due to the lockdown, forcing people to move towards these OTT platforms. We all know the telecom sector is providing data at a very cheap rate by which online platforms are now gaining popularity. 

These OTT platforms generate revenue via two methods, one is ads based and the other is subscription-based. People in this lockdown have ample of time and nowhere to go, big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, etc are rich in content and entertainment.


Indian News Channels

We all know how much Indian news channels are biased towards the ruling party. They crack the funda to get the maximum TRP. They have specially designed debate shows where you can easily see communal hate, verbal abuse, etc. We all know they got millions of rupees through advertisement. People love to watch these debates about why these news channels are getting higher TRP than normal in this pandemic situation. There are several instances when we have seen reputed national news channels without investigating run the “fake news” even they make bloopers in presenting the number of cases.